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Connecticut Divorce Lawyers with Experience to Handle Even the Most Difficult Divorce Cases


The Waterbury and Woodbury divorce lawyers at Grady & Riley, LLP, provide skilled and effective legal services to people seeking a Connecticut divorce. In our 35 years of service to the residents of Connecticut, we have assisted more than 1,200 people in accomplishing their divorce. We have seen every type of situation and difficulty; allow our experience to be of benefit to you in negotiations or in the courtroom.

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Connecticut has a 90 day waiting period from the date of filing until a divorce can be granted by a judge. Our ability to help you complete your divorce quickly will depend, in part, upon the level of agreement that already exists between you and your former partner, and your willingness to work together to reach an agreement. We have the experience you need, whether your case will be negotiated or will require courtroom litigation.

Our divorce attorneys will work with you closely, will help you understand the divorce process, and will explain to you what you can expect in your specific case. Because we have handled so many divorces, we have had experience with many difficult divorce cases, from wealthy couples with large estates and closely-held, family-owned businesses, to couples whose relationship has been marred by family violence. We are here to help.

Property Division and Alimony

In Connecticut, each spouse is generally awarded the property they brought with them into the marriage, but decisions will still need to be made about property the spouses purchased together during the marriage. When the marriage has been long, or the family has considerable assets, the division of property can become a complex matter. Once again, our clients benefit from our years of experience in helping people reach an equitable decision.

Alimony and property division should be considered at the same time. It is not uncommon for couples to weigh an immediate gift of a larger share of the assets against longer-term or higher alimony payments. There are tax implications for this decision; ask your Waterbury or Woodbury divorce attorney at Grady & Riley, LLP, to explain how this may work in your case.

Child Support Child Custody and College Education

In Connecticut, child support is determined based upon the income of the parents, the needs of the child, and who has custody of the child. The state has established support guidelines, but your support order may be more or less, if you can prove need. If your income increases or decreases by 15% or more, you may be able to request a child support modification.

Connecticut is a leader in the creation of educational support awards. The courts may now consider extending child support so that a child can afford a college education. Shared child custody is increasingly common. If you and your former partner want to pursue shared custody, it is extremely important to develop a custody agreement that spells out how that relationship will work in great detail. The clearer the contract, the fewer opportunities for difficulties developing over time.

If you are seeking sole or primary custody of your child in court, you need a strong advocate who can present a clear case for why that is in the child's best interest. With three decades of courtroom experience, the attorneys of Grady & Riley, LLP, are prepared to handle your child custody case.

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