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Workers Compensation & SSDI

Helping Injured Connecticut Workers

Receive the Workers Compensation and Social Security Benefits They are Due


The law firm of Grady & Riley, LLP, is dedicated to the protection of injured and disabled Connecticut workers. We've been doing so for 35 years. We have represented many municipal workers, including fire fighters and police officers, as well as other workers in Waterbury and Woodbury, Connecticut, as they seek workers compensation benefits and Social Security Disability benefits. Certain municipal workers may be entitled to heart and hypertension benefits[(Link to Heart and Hypertension section)].

If you've been injured at work, or incurred a debilitating medical condition because of stress or exposure to dangerous conditions in your workplace, contact a Waterbury workers compensation attorney at Grady & Riley, LLP.

We also help workers bring personal injury lawsuits when they've sustained on-the-job injuries in a car accident, truck accident, or caused by a defective product used in the workplace.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is more complex than many workers think. Getting a thorough and correct diagnosis and properly preparing the paperwork will be critical to the success of your workers compensation claim. If paperwork is prepared incorrectly, you may not receive the full benefits you are due, all of your bills may not be paid, and you may not get sufficient time to make a full recovery before you must return to work. Many workers never receive their final award because they do not understand the process. We can help.

The Waterbury and Woodbury workers compensation attorneys at Grady & Riley, LLP, are experienced in overcoming the difficulties many workers encounter when attempting to get necessary medical treatment and prompt benefit payments.

We help injured workers maximize their claim by taking the time to talk with them about the full extent of their injury, illness, or medical condition, and helping them to identify and fully document the disabling effects. Lack of proper documentation is one of the primary causes for denials of workers comp.

We will handle every detail of your claim:

  • Filing all paperwork
  • Contacting all doctors, hospitals, and therapists to gather and coordinate records
  • Working with employers and insurance companies, as well as the Workers' Compensation Commission
  • Appearing before the Workers' Compensation Commission
  • Making sure that the insurer has paid all the bills

Allow our experienced legal team to take the stress and hassle of a workman's compensation claim off your hands so you can focus on recovery.

Social Security Disability Insurance Claims

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a government program that provides ongoing financial support to workers whose disability is such that they have been told that they will not be able to work for at least one year, for example, workers who have suffered serious back injuries or work-related heart attacks brought on by stress or hypertension.

Workers who have suffered renal failure, kidney failure, or had a kidney transplant are immediately able to qualify for SSDI and do not have to wait for one year.

Obtaining Social Security Disability retirement benefits can be quite difficult and initial claims filed by injured people are frequently denied. When it's critical that your Social Security claim be approved, it's best to work with a legal professional with a history of successful applications.

At Grady & Riley, LLP, we help our clients with their initial Social Security filing, as well as appeals if their initial claim is rejected. You only have 60 days to appeal your claim denial. We can help. Talk to a Waterbury or Woodbury workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible.