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(STRUCTURED) PEDESTRIAN MOTHER and two Children walking to store hit by Drunk Driver, traumatic brain injury


MEDICAL MALPRACTICE/ WRONGFUL DEATH - Physician failed to diagnose a pulmonary embolism and ignored patient complaints


SLIP & FALL - trucker fell on slippery stairs while making a delivery resulting in permanent injury


REAR-END AUTO ACCIDENT - disabled vet struck from rear, injuries to back and neck resulting in surgery and permanent injury


ONE CAR ACCIDENT - one car accident - underinsured driver - young girl suffers facial injuries and collects against parent's auto insurance policy for underinsured driver


DRUNK DRIVING COLLISION - passenger suffered severe head injuries when drunk driver fell asleep and rear-ended a tractor-trailer


ON THE JOB INJURY - plumber fell on construction site and fractured vertebrae


ON THE JOB INJURY - delivery person pinned between two trucks, severe leg injuries


MOTORCYCLE VS. CAR – head-on collision, severe injuries to biker’s legs


SLIP & FALL - older golfer fell on negligently designed stairs at golf course, resulting in permanent injury


JEEP ROLLOVER ON HIGHWAY - unsafe lane change resulting in passenger being ejected, serious injuries and loss of spleen


BUS ACCIDENT – Passenger injured when truck collided with bus resulting in back injury


BUS ACCIDENT – Passenger injured when driver fell asleep causing bus to roll over resulting in neck and back injuries


BUS ACCIDENT – Passenger injured – scarring of the shoulder

*The outcome of each case is dependent on its facts. The outcomes listed above are for illustrative purposes only, and are not meant to serve as a guarantee.