Collections & Repossessions

A Connecticut Creditor's Rights Law Firm Handling Your Case from Beginning to End

Collections, foreclosures and repossessions, while a necessary business function, do not contribute to the growth of your company, and is not the best use of your time. They are complex and time-consuming, and all too often when you turn the work over to a collection agency, you still end up juggling details.

That's not the case at Grady & Riley, LLP. Our Waterbury and Woodbury collection attorneys supervise a team dedicated to creditor collections. We control every aspect of the collections and repossession process.

We handle creditor collections across the state of Connecticut, serving the needs of nursing homes and convalescent homes, credit unions, manufacturers and banks, and a variety of small and medium-sized businesses.

When your company needs help securing assets owed to you, contact Grady & Riley, LLP, for prompt, professional service. We handle most collections on a contingency fee basis. We facilitate payments through ACH transfers and other post-judgment procedures.